Diane Radcliffe – Managing Director

I am also a member of:

Dignity Champion

Chairman of the Homecare Association

The Isle of Wight & Hampshire Safeguarding Board

Care Partnership Board

Personalisation Champion

Ageing Better Island Management Board

My name is Diane Radcliffe

and I am now the sole director of Wight Home Care Limited.  It was originally a partnership but my partner retired in 2006.

I have had a number of career paths: child care, accountancy, technical housing officer, publisher and other business interests.

However Wight Home Care has been my passion for over 26 years, its trials and tribulations, the changes in legislation, in governments, in local authority administrations and in governing bodies have all made running the business quite a challenge at times but at the end of the day caring is all about people and this business is about vulnerable people, deserving people who are proud and dignified and should have best we can offer them when they need help in their latter years.  That is the ethos of Wight Home Care and when you are a Wight Home Care client you are regarded and treated as one of our family and we do our utmost to not only look after your care needs but also ensure that if help is needed in some of the other things in life, we are there for advice and support.

When we started Wight Home Care, I worked in the community, days, nights and what seemed like every waking moment so I understand how challenging the work is, how physically and emotionally draining it can be and the responsibility that goes with this career.  The dedication and loyalty of staff, some of whom have been with Wight Home Care for up to 18 years, has seen some of them become nurses, occupational therapists, care managers, registered managers, and trainers within the care sector.

Some of our staff came to us with little self esteem and we have watched their confidence grow and their ability, with good continuous training and support, has exceeded their own expectations.  We are very proud of that,

That’s what Wight Home Care is all about – Caring for People.